25 Fun Things To Do in California


California is one of those states that has more things for you to do than you might have time for. From hanging out on the beach to hiking up Yosemite, or wine tasting in Napa, California has you covered in activities. Just in case you need some ideas, here are 25 ¬†fun things to do in California! ūüėČ

25 FUN Things To Do In California:

1. Beaches. From San Diego all the way north of Santa Barbara there is no shortage of beaches for you to lay your towel out on and soak up the rays.

2. Shopping in Mission Beach, San Diego. Head over to Mission Beach in San Diego for beach shopping, a little surfing, and a lot of people watching.

3. Wine Tasting. There are wineries all over California, but some of the best are located in Sonoma and Napa Valleys. Plan on at least a couple days to see all that this epic wine area has to offer.

4. Rafting down Merced River. The Merced River flows through Yosemite and you can white water for miles. The river runs fast and high in the early summer as the snow melts off of the mountains.

5. San Diego Brewery Tour. San Diego has become a hot spot for breweries. Some of the best in are Ballast Point, Coronado, and Stone Brewery. These are the top three to go to for some killer craft beers.

6. Bigfoot Museum. In northern California, you can drive the 101 Highway and spend the day in Bigfoot country. There is even a Bigfoot Museum near Willow Creek, the place with the most recorded sightings of Bigfoot.

7. Yosemite. Spending a few days in Yosemite is great for the soul. You will see the largest waterfalls California has to offer and the hike up to Glacier Point is second to known. It has a large campground and can accommodate both RVs and tent campers.

8. Golden Gate Bridge. The most iconic thing in California is the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is 1.5 mile across and you can drive it or walk across the bridge. There is a visitor center at the base with the best spot to take a picture with the bridge in the background.

9. Paso Robles. This region in the Central Coast is amazing. Not only do they have amazing wineries, but they are also less than an hour away from the beach. It is an amazing community that has a small-town feel with impressive accommodations and activities for the whole family.

10. Bicycling the coast. On a few people’s bucket lists is bicycling the California coast. Most of the 101 and Pacific Coast Highway has a wide bike lane and there are many places along the way with areas for bikers to camp and stretch their legs. What an amazing experience to sail down the coast!

11. Redwoods. In far northern California is the Redwood National Forest, the oldest forest in the US. These redwoods are tall and massive and hundreds of years old. There are even a few where you can drive your car through them!

12. Gold panning. Along many of the rivers in northern California, you can see gold mining hopefuls out there trying their luck. It is a fun experience to try out, especially if you don’t mind being in the water all day.

13. Rock N Roll Halloween Run. If you like to dress up in costume and run through the streets of Los Angeles, you are in luck! The Rock n Roll Halloween Run does just that every year and they choose a different theme. If you aren’t a runner, then this is one of those races where it is great to come out and cheer on the runners so you can see all the zany costumes.

14. Red Carpet. When in Los Angeles, you have to head over to the Chinese Mann Theatre and see all the stars on Hollywood Boulevard. If you are lucky, there will be a movie premiere happening and you can sit in the stands for a red carpet event. If the timing isn’t right, you can always see a taping of your favorite show at any of the movie studios in LA.

15. Farmer’s Markets. One of the best farmer’s market happens every weekend in Santa Monica. There are dozens around both Los Angeles and San Francisco for you to find locally grown food.

16. Santa Monica Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is what is shown in most movies or TV shots of LA and is not to be missed. There is an arcade there with some classic video games that are fun to play.

17. Cheese Tasting. I’m not sure there is anything better than cheese, except maybe going cheese tasting for the day. Up in Petaluma, you can go on a self-guided cheese tour and sample cheeses from dairy, goat, and sheep farmers. Yum… cheese!

18. Ferry Building. In San Francisco is the Ferry Building overlooking the bay. On the weekends, the Ferry Building houses the largest farmer’s market in northern California with farms from all over bringing their artisanal wares. Inside the Ferry Building are locally owned shops that are open year round for you to get your culinary fix.

19. Death Valley. To see a very different part of California, head over to Death Valley. Some of the hottest days in the country are recorded in this desert. There is a visitor’s center which describes the area’s animals and plants that should not be missed.

20. Sequoias. At the southern tip of Yosemite is the Sequoia National Forest with some of the widest trees in the US. This forest balances between different climates and has generated some ginormous trees!

21. Disneyland Resort. Have fun with the entire Family at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California! Enjoy all the attractions, events and entertainment! When you are ready to relax, sit back and enjoy their fine dining.

22. Warner Bros. VIP Tours.  In Burbank, CA, you can have fun experiencing all that the Warner Bros. VIP Tours has to offer. The greatest thing about this tour is the amazing  Batman Exhibit!

23. Ghirardelli Square. This place is tons of fun if you are in the mood for shopping and dining. If you visit The Ghirardelli Square, be sure to check out the amazing Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop! You will love it.

24. San Diego Zoo. This Zoo has everything from Polar Bears to Lions! If you are an animal love like myself, you should visit the San Diego Zoo in CA.

25. Universal Studios Hollywood. Grab your friends and Family and enjoy spending time at Universal Studios in Hollywood, CA! You can spend all day here, enjoying the rides, dining, walking the three block city walk and more. If you are in Universal City, CA, do not miss out on visiting this spectacular place.


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  1. Laurie Lynch says

    11. I’m lucky to live on the Redwood Coast. Lived here all my life and I love it. Trees of Mystery and Redwood National Park are great places to visit here. Great shopping and places to eat in Victorian Ferndale, Old Town Eureka and Downtown Plaza Arcata.

  2. Alona Y says

    I live in Oregon and have always wanted to see the redwood forest and san diego zoo! It would be a great road trip.

  3. Jayne T. says

    I was surprised to discover I had done 4 things on your list…mostly around San Diego. Was only there the one time.

  4. Cynthia R says

    We took a cross country trip and our time in california was my favorite, we didn’t get to do everything on your list but I hope to go back someday.

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