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Slipknot-A-Southern-wife-korn-concert-reviewThe Slipknot Concert was located here in Corpus Christi, Texas at The American Bank Center. The title of their current tour is called the “Prepare For Hell Tour”, which will be going on through March 1st, 2015. You can see if they will be touring in your area here. Slipknot had two performance openers, which were Korn & King 810. I had never heard of King 810 and did not get there early enough to hear them perform, so I am unable to let y’all know if I think King 810 is a good band. I am always running late to everything, seriously! *laughs*

Fortunately, we were able to get there in enough time for the Korn Concert. To be honest, I was more excited about Korn performing than Slipknot, because I was a big fan of theirs growing up. My Husband is the one who is a huge Slipknot fan and has been ever since they first came out in the 90’s! Before going to this Concert, I was not a Slipknot Fan at all! The only thing I knew about them was that they were a heavy metal band and wore masks. So, continue reading my review to see if I became a fan of the Slipknot band or not. 😉

korn-concert-review-a-southern-wife(Korn Performing Before The SlipKnot Concert.)

Going back to talking about the Korn Concert, I got exactly what I was expecting from them. I heard all the music that I grew up listening to again, which was a great feeling. When they started to play my favorite song of theirs; Freak On A Leash, it was better than what they sounded like on the radio. My Husband and I were both losing our minds, singing along with every song they performed. However, they did make us feel old (I am 28 & My Husband is 29), when they mentioned that their band had just turned 20 years old. I remember when they released their first album, just like it was yesterday. After an awesome concert by Korn, there was about a twenty-minute intermission before Slipknot started their show.

To go back for just a brief moment, I have to point out again that my Husband is a big Slipknot fan. He has all their albums and is always listening to them! Whenever we get into the car together, after he had been driving by himself, Slipknot is always on at an extremely loud volume. It seems like every time I would hear him listening to Slipknot, it would be in the middle of a song, and it never really caught my attention.

slipknot-hubby-a-southern-wife-concert-korn(My Husband Bryan, Rocking Out During The SlipKnot Concert!)

When Slipknot started performing, I was surprised at how good of a singer Corey Taylor was! He really does have complete control over his voice. They started to play a song before the curtain dropped. Right when the music started to get loud and the adrenalin started pumping, the curtain finally dropped, and the stage was overwhelmingly theatrical. Their stage presence was amazing. I was impressed by not only the singer, but every band member, they all had an important part of the show. I am not really a metal fan, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed this show, and was very impressed with their performance.

Before I knew it, Slipknot announced that they were going to sing their last song. I looked at my Husband and told him, “I don’t want it to be over, I want to hear them play more songs.”  They wrapped up the last song, and left the stage. The crowed was cheering so loud that I felt it in my chest. Everybody; including myself, was shouting, “WE WANT MORE, WE WANT MORE!!”, for about five minutes straight. The lights went dark and the music started playing again. Slipknot gave the people what they wanted and performed another three songs. I was extremely impressed by the show they put together and I am proud to say that I am now a HUGE Slipknot Fan!! They ROCKED it that night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

Slipknot-Concert-Review-A-Southern-Wife-Collage(Slipknot Performing and My Husband & I!)

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